Wise Agent makes updates to the system almost daily; some are completely new features, while others are just small changes or additions. We like to keep our valued members in the loop about these updates, so here are three small enhancements that we have made recently!

You can now login using Facebook

We know you have a ton of passwords to remember – we all do.  Wise Agent has made that a little easier with this new feature.  As long as you are also logged into Facebook, you can now hit the Login button and be directly logged in without entering your Wise Agent username and password! 

To set this up, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Wise Agent as usual
  2. Click Welcome in the top right corner, then Profile
  3. Under the “name” fields of the Primary User, you will see two buttons – one that says “Authorize Facebook Login”
  4. Click the one you would like to use, follow the prompts, and that’s it!

Lead disbursement by day of the week

We have received a ton of feedback after the recent release of the Lead Management Systems. So many of you have already taken advantage of the email parsing as well as customized the way you assign leads to your team members.  One request we received was to add the ability to assign leads by day of the week. Using the “Rules for Leads” section, you can allocate Mondays leads to one team member, Tuesdays to another, and so on, however you would like it to work for your business. This option is located under Contacts Leads, in the Rules for Leads section.

Save attachments to a contact or checklist via Gmail Conversations

Here’s another example of a time we have added to a newer feature based on user suggestions.  Being able to read and save your incoming emails right within your Wise Agent Contact Summary has been a huge hit! If you haven’t already, you should check it out – you can read more about it here. The initial release allowed you to view all emails (in Gmail) from that contact, and save an email or an entire conversation to the Contact Notes for that client.  Several members requested to have the option to also save those emails to the Transaction Notes if the email was pertaining to a specific Transaction Checklist, and that is now live! So, ask and you may receive!  We love to get your feedback, and we really do keep track of every suggestion you send!  Watch for future updates, and contact us 24/7 with any questions!