Winter is the slow season in most real estate markets, and the holidays only compound the issue. Most homeowners don’t want to list their homes during this time of the year because they don’t want to be disrupted when they are busy and buyers often put a hold on their search as they celebrate with family and friends rather than focusing on moving.
For real estate agents, the time may be slow, but Wise Agent CRM can help maintain your leads so you’re ready to hit the ground running in January. It’s all too easy to relax and enjoy the festivities, but keeping some routine in your schedule to help you manage your leads will be beneficial in the long run. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare for the new year.
Reach Out to Older Leads
Contact people who were interested in buying or selling property in the past. Send a casual email wishing them Happy Holidays and provide a valuable tidbit for their market. You don’t have to be too formal, and you don’t want to be pushy. Just a short message sending well-wishes will be a reminder of who you are. With Wise Agent CRM, there are plenty of email templates for your use!

Give a Gift
This is the season of giving, and you can get into the spirit with a small token of your appreciation for past clients. Send them tickets to a holiday play or even a calendar. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it’s a nice gesture. Include a message which says something about them giving you the gift of referrals of anyone they know who might be in the market now or after the first of the year.

Interact with Your Social Network Followers
When real estate agents are busy, they often let some aspects of marketing slide. They may realize in December that they haven’t updated their blog since June or the last time they posted on social media was early in the summer. Take the time to update those marketing tools. Even more importantly, respond to any comments made by your followers. Take it a step further, and like or comment on a post on their page. It will make you instantly more noticeable, and show that you see them as more than just a lead. Wise Agent helps to automate all of these things in turn saving you time and energy to put toward closing more deals.

Don’t let the holiday season keep you from nurturing your leads. Create a schedule to reach out to those who have expressed interest in the home-buying or selling process, and you’ll discover you’re back on track come January.
If you haven’t already started using the Wise Agent CRM, now is the perfect time to get started. It will help you manage your leads all year long. Check out the Wise Agent’s free 30 day trial and see what it can do for you.