The most successful Real Estate Agents know how crucial it is to have automated marketing tools in place. It’s important to keep in touch with past clients and new leads alike, but your communication would be different depending on the recipient. Wise Agent CRM for Realtors has the perfect solution in our real estate Drip Campaigns! You can set up emails, text messages, phone calls, and print reminders with ease. Features include:
  • Content specific to your needs, which is fully customizable
  • Automatic email sending
  • Select a time of day/night for your message to be sent
  • Create and send text messages
  • Include video or images in your text messages
  • Print letters for a group of contacts
  • Schedule phone calls (integrates with your Call List for ease of using one of our integrated dialers)
  • And MORE!
Check out this video tutorial to learn more: Whether you need a reminder to follow up with your past clients, or want to automate the follow up with new leads, your real estate CRM should do it for you! With Wise Agent, we’ve got you covered! Let us know if you have any questions – we are always here to help!