Wise Agent Commission Tracker When running a Real Estate Business, it’s important to be able to see that you are achieving your sales goals. You need to know what commissions have closed, those that are pending, and even those that have fallen through. Wise Agent CRM’s Commission Tracker is just what you have been looking for! Now you can track all your sales and commissions right from within the best CRM for real estate professionals.

Visualize your Goals

You can view all of your sales from the Commission Tracker section on the Home Page. It will display the total numbers as well as graphs to help you visualize the status of your transactions. This module can be moved to any part of the Home Page, depending on where you’d like to see it. You can view sales by date range if you’d like, or you can view your entire sales list. Check out this video tutorial:

When you have a New Sale

To create a New Sale, click the “New Sale” button on the left, and you can fill out the fields for the type of sale, status of sale, commission type, and sale price. You are also able to connect it to existing checklists or properties, assign a projected date of completion and assign a team member to the sale if desired.

We didn’t forget about our Real Estate Teams

If you have an inside team with separate logins, you can also set permissions for which team members can see the commission tracker or if they can only see their assigned commissions and sales. You can also sort the completed and upcoming sales by team member from the Sales List. Wise Agent CRM’s Commission Tracker is an easy way to get reports on your sales, or those of your team, for the month, quarter, or year. It will also give you a snapshot of the status of current sales, from pending to complete. The best real estate CRM does all this and more! If you have any questions, please contact our support team!