Wise Agent Marketing 1 Marketing yourself or your real estate business is an important part of succeeding in the real estate industry. That’s why we’ve integrated several essential marketing tools right into our real estate CRM! Organize and market to your leads and clients all in one place. Here’s an introduction to the great real estate marketing tools you’ll find in Wise Agent CRM!

Drip Campaigns

Staying in front of your leads is an incredibly important piece of your marketing campaign. Once you’ve had your first interaction with a lead, using an automated drip campaign to stay in contact is a simple yet highly effective way to turn more of your leads into clients. Drip campaigns are built into our real estate CRM to make keeping in contact with all your leads as simple as possible. Use one of our templates to set up your campaign within minutes, or make one that’s completely customized. Either option is straightforward and quick to complete, but is an incredibly effective real estate marketing tool. Automating your real estate drip campaigns is easy. Just set them up, choose how often they go out, and let them run. Plus, if a lead comes in via a form and is automatically added to your CRM, you can set it up so that the new contact will go straight into a drip campaign, with no need for any work from you.

Real Estate Flyers

Wise Agent Marketing 1 Another simple yet effective real estate marketing tool is one you’re already very familiar with: flyers. You’ve likely used flyers for years to advertise homes for sale. Now, find quick and easy templates for making great flyers right in our CRM.


Beyond email drip campaigns, Wise Agent’s real estate CRM is also an incredibly powerful email system. Send scheduled emails to groups or individuals with a couple clicks. Need some inspiration? Find numerous real estate email templates to use at any time. Do you make videos of homes you have for sale? You’re in luck – our email tool integrates with YouTube, making video sending a breeze.

Email Branding

Branding yourself is absolutely necessary to be effective as a real estate agent or company. That’s why we built email signatures into our real estate email tool in our CRM. Create your own or use one of our templates to make the perfect email signature for you.

Wise SMS Text

Realtors, get ready for a game changer: You can now text message your contacts through your CRM! Text messages have an almost 100% open rate, making this method of communication extremely effective for agents. Set up automated responses to individuals or text in bulk to groups. It’s easy! Watch a short video here about this feature.


Whether you’re sending letters via email or snail mail, create them quickly and easily with Wise Agent. Use our extensive library of letters to get your ideas rolling, and easily customize them for each individual recipient. If you’re sending letters via snail mail, you can also use our comprehensive real estate mail marketing tool to print the address right on the envelope. Check out our blog and video tutorial on our Letters feature.

Real Estate Newsletters

Newsletters are another easy yet effective way to keep in touch with your marketing list. But, how often do you actually have time to put them together? We’ve been there, and we get it. It’s hard to find that time. That’s why we’ll create a newsletter for you every month in English and in Spanish! Simply edit it however you’d like. You can add to it or take things out. Many of our users like to put their available properties in it. To see how this feature works, check out our short video. Don’t need a pre-made monthly newsletter? You can still create your own. Start from scratch or use a template to get started. To find out more about all these great real estate marketing tools, read more about them.