As a real estate agent, you have a bunch of tools that help you do your very best at your job. You probably feel like you have a whole arsenal of different real estate software that you use to get things done! Having a lot of experience with real estate means we get that you have a lot going on and you have a lot of real estate software to guide you along the way. We want to help you organize as much as you can into one central location. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at adding tools and integrations into our real estate CRM! Here are the ways we’re working on making your real estate tools and software accessible right from your CRM.

Integrated Partners

We form relationships with other real estate tech companies to get their tools integrated into our real estate CRM. For you, that means you don’t have to navigate between your CRM and their tool to use it. Instead, you’ll find it right where you spend most of your time: in your CRM. Our powerful integrations are one of the big reasons some Realtors choose our CRM. Not only do we already have a bunch, but we’re also always working on improving Wise Agent with more integrations. We work with our partners to integrate directly into their systems whereas most of our competitors focus on 3rd parties like Zapier. Though we occasionally use Zapier, we prefer direct integrations. Check out our library of videos about how to integrate your favorite partners into your CRM.

Integrations Menu

Control all your real estate software integrations in one spot, under our integrations menu. You’ll find all your integrations right there, such as Twitter, Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. See at a glance what you’re using and what you could be using.

Real Estate Reports

Real estate reporting is essential! You can run all sorts of reports within Wise Agent, either just for yourself or for a team. Easily check your number of tasks, appointments, and calls that have been accomplished (and how many have been missed), and get important data on your leads. Where are your best leads coming from? Which lead source is converting the lowest number of people to clients? Of course, you can also see reporting for all your emails that you’ve sent out. What’s your open rate? Were there bounces? There are so many helpful, insightful numbers you’ll have access to.

Real Estate Calculators

Any real estate calculator you can think of that you’d use on a daily basis, you can find (in both English and Spanish) within Wise Agent. Quickly access and use an amortization calculator, debt consolidation calculator, early payoff calculator, home affordability calculator, or a refinance home savings calculator. Find out more right here.


This tool functions similarly to your bookmarks in your browser. You’ll have a section within your CRM where we’ve included some useful real estate links. You can add your own, too. Anything you add in this spot, you can keep track of and access easily.

Accounting Tax Help

To help you when that inevitable tax season rolls around every year, we’ve included a section within our real estate CRM where you can keep track of your mileage and business expenses. Easily access it anytime and pull a report quickly when it’s tax time.


There are a variety of settings within Wise Agent for you to customize your CRM experience. You can choose to sort all the different lists in various ways, choose when and for what you get notifications on your computer, and change the main color theme of your dashboard.

Customer Support

We are always here for you! Whether you have a question in the middle of a workday or even on a holiday, you can reach us for customer support.