April 2018 UpdatesThe Wise Agent development team has been hard at work rolling out updates to make sure that we stay the best real estate CRM. April brought some new additions to one of our lead generation features: the Social Media Enhancement capability. Everyone has been asking for it and it is finally here. You can now use the Social Media Enhancement feature on multiple contacts! You probably have been using Wise Agent’s Social Media Enhancement feature for a while now. When leads do not completely fill out your landing pages, the lead management software automatically scours the internet to find any social media linked to that email address so that your new contact entry reflects as much information as possible. Anything from profile pictures to recent Tweets would all populate in your account. Really, you have access to anything posted on social media under that email address with this tool.  The feature has everything you need to turn partial leads into complete ones. Learn more about this feature in this blog. The only downside was that this did not happen when multiple contact were imported or synced with Google.

Bulk Enhancement Update

Wise Agent just released an update that eliminates this struggle. Now, when you import or sync your contacts, you will have the option to enhance the contacts in bulk. All the information that was available with the original tool will now populate onto each contact entry that is being enhanced at once. If, for some reason, you do not want to enhance multiple contacts at once, the tool is completely optional. The ability to individually enhance contacts will also still exist. This should save a lot of time and help you make more money.

How To Perform a Bulk Enhancement

Your database is probably full of contacts who are missing information like a picture or name of the company they work for etc. Now with the new bulk enhancement feature you can select any category of contacts or select them all and let Wise Agent see what information we can find and add for you. To perform a bulk social media enhancement simply follow these 3 steps. 1. Go to Contact List 2. Select all the contacts you would like to Enhance 3. Under “Actions” drop down select “Enhance Contacts” If you have any questions feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support.

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