Social media is a big deal and if the past few years have been proof of its growth, you can be sure it isn’t going to get stagnant anytime soon. Social media is a much-needed resource for any industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re in retail or real estate.

There are benefits to using social media.
But, like it is with everything else, there are rules to the social media game and sadly, a lot of real estate agents are still finding their way around these rules. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the common social media fails made by real estate agents and how they can be avoided. Let’s begin!

Not Policing the Tone

There’s a certain tone a business should use to communicate with its customers. However, many real estate agents have done the exact opposite of what’s appropriate. This includes boasting about the business and even going so far as exaggerating their achievements. Never ever do that. You don’t want your brand coming off as being pompous. The goal is to be approachable. Of course, it’s okay to celebrate your success and achievements. However, the best way to go about this is by thanking your clients. This prevents you from looking self-absorbed and egoistical. Another thing that can make you appear more approachable and human is posting videos and pictures more often.

Oddly Timed Posts

Whether you’re posting on Twitter or Facebook, your post isn’t going to stay for too long. Sadly, too many real estate agents think just putting a post out there is enough for people to engage with. This is wrong. You have to determine when your audience is likely to engage with your post. For instance, certain studies have shown that Facebook posts made during midday hours see a lot of engagement. So, do the research and determine ideal posting times for your audience.

Not Paying Attention to People

Social media is all about being social, which means you need to connect with people. But, what a lot of real estate agents do is they focus too much on what they’re promoting rather than who they’re promoting to. The focus must first fall on creating and strengthening relationships, existing or otherwise. So, instead of describing a recent listing, how about you talk about solving a customer’s property woes. This presents you as someone who cares about the customer. When you have a new listing or something you want to promote, try to make it fun. Hold a contest to guess the list price, or guess the square footage, and then offer a gift card for the person who gets closest.

Reply Promptly

When you do get some interaction on your posts or ads, it is important to respond quickly and try to keep the conversation going. The faster, the better!  You want to reach them while you’re still top-of-mind.

Wise Agent Lead Management System

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