Googl Synce Contacts and Calendar The real estate industry is one that is always on-the-go. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this question comes up daily – How can I have my Wise Agent contacts and calendar on my phone? Wise Agent has the solution!  We have integrated with Google, allowing you to automatically sync your Wise Agent contacts and calendar items to Google and then to your mobile phone, and vice versa. The synchronization is set up to mirror your contacts and calendar in all three places and there are no additional fees. As a general rule, if you’re just getting started and you think you might want to sync, it is best to set up the sync prior to importing contacts from other sources. The setup is easiest when you have no contacts in Wise Agent.  If you already have contacts in Wise Agent, don’t worry, it can still be set up – it just may take a little extra time to get everything merged properly. To start syncing, first contact our support team and request to have the sync activated on your account.  Once activated, you’ll want to check out the tutorial by clicking on the Help Center in your account. So there you have it – another great tool brought to you by your friends at Wise Agent!  We’re all about helping you get organized and grow your business, whether you’re in your office or out in the field!