Are you part of an amazing team of real estate agents? Many single agents are finding the value in working together as a team. At Wise Agent, we focus on making our CRM team-friendly! The CRM that’s great for yourself is even better with a real estate team, no matter how your team is structured. Here are some of our favorite team-friendly features!

No Team Member Limits

Whatever number of team members you have, Wise Agent CRM will work for you. For every account, you’ll get access for 5 team members without any extra fees. There’s also no limit to the number of team members that can be added within an account. So, whether you’re a team of three or a team of 20, Wise Agent will work for your team.

Easy Permissions Setup

When you work within a real estate team, you probably have a couple different roles within your team. While some team members might need access to the entire CRM, perhaps one person is only involved in marketing, and another is only responsible for entering leads. You may want to give access to your buyer’s agent, but only to his leads and contacts. With our permissions tools, you can easily choose who has access to which features, and when. As the team leader or account holder, you get to choose what each team member sees when logging into Wise Agent. Find out more about permissions on our blog!

Team-Friendly Notifications

We understand that teams are structured in many different ways and come in many different sizes, so we’ve made sharing between accounts easy. Plus, if you share a contact or event with another account! Once you’ve done so, that account will get a notification that you’ve done so. Work as a seamless team with our real estate team CRM. For a quick overview of these new team features, check out our short video!