When you first sit down to work on any day (after a showing or two, perhaps), the first thing on your mind is probably what you need to accomplish in the next couple hours. Some real estate agents even wake up thinking about what’s on their to-do list for the day! If you have a great way to stay on top of your time management and keep track of all those tasks and appointments, though, you’ll probably find yourself being less worried about missing something on a day-to-day basis. Let Wise Agent CRM hold all of that information for you so you can clear it out of your mind. Here are a couple of time management features of our real estate CRM that we think you’ll love!


Whether you’re on your own or on a team, our calendar functionality works to keep your time management on track. You can now use the Wise Agent calendar right inside your CRM and it’ll sync with your Google Calendar, so you’ll always have it with you (and alerting you) on your phone.   Because the calendar lives inside your real estate CRM, it’ll connect to your contacts and vendors, too, keeping everything uber organized. Just associate an appointment on your calendar with one of your contacts and a note will be added to their record.   Have a document you need to have for a meeting? You can attach it right to your calendar event, keeping everything right where you need it, when you need it.

Task List/To-Do List

Your task list now lives in harmony with all the tools and records in your CRM, and connects to them in all the ways you’d want.   For instance, you can associate a task with one of your contacts, then see that task show up in the contact record. The task list also integrates seamlessly with our real estate transaction management software so you can store transaction to-dos right along with any others.   Of course, just like you’d expect from a to-do list, the task list tool in Wise Agent allows you to set due dates and assign tasks to specific agents (if you’re part of a team). However, we go beyond that and also included functionality to remind yourself (or a team member) via email or text when a due date is approaching.

Education Tracking

Real estate continuing education classes are an important part of the job for Realtors. Easily keep track of your classes and upcoming tests in a dedicated area of your CRM. Not only can you see what’s upcoming, but also record completion dates to keep those in your records.