Real estate prospecting online can generate plenty of leads and potential clients, but only the most successful real estate agents take this lead generation tool to the next level by using text messaging to land appointments. In today’s world, texting has become a regular form of communication, so it’s important to utilize this in order to connect and communicate with clients in the most convenient way.

Use these 3 text message pick up lines to land your next real estate appointment.

“What time is best for you to talk? Please choose a time that works for you here [calendar link].”

One of the easiest ways to set an appointment with a lead is with an automated system. This allows for the lead to choose the time that works for them without having to have an additional phone call just to set up the appointment or exchange emails. For this to be successful you will need to link to a service like Calendly. This is a simple and efficient way to gain an appointment that won’t be an inconvenience to you or your prospect.

“Hope you enjoy our featured listings. I have a great first-time homebuyer guide that you may find interest in. Would you like a copy? Reply and I will send it over.”

This is a simple way to get the ball rolling. First, you are engaging the prospect by asking a question, and second you are offering them valuable content that will help them in their home search. You establish yourself as a resource and in turn, the prospect will likely look to you with any questions they may have about the process. This gives you an opportunity to set up an appointment and turn the prospect into a client.

“I found a few homes that fit your must-have criteria list, when are you available to come into the office to discuss the homes?”

Before texting a prospect, do some research and find a few homes that have the prospect’s must-have home features. This offering will be a surefire way to turn a lead into an appointment. Also be sure to offer up certain days and times in the text to give the lead some options for meeting. Being prepared and having something to offer a lead is vital in order to land your next real estate appointment. Not only are you helping to kick start their home search, you are also showing that you are the right real estate agent for them, because you are already working toward finding them their dream home.

Text Message Integration with Wise Agent

Wise Agent is your go-to CRM for lead automation. The system offers automated SMS text messaging to make communicating with prospects seamless and successful. Wise Agent’s lead automation feature will help you convert more leads into clients and set up more appointments giving you more time to close sales and grow your client list.

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