Visualize Your Goals With Wise Agent’s Commission Tracker

Written by Elaine Sommerschield

Business owners and leaders should have an easy trackable way of showing and knowing their Sales. Seeing your Sales numbers daily gives you a clear picture of where you stand financially. Wise Agent has made it easy for you to track your sales and the sales of your team to keep you informed. Using Wise Agent’s filters you can easily assess how your team is performing and find trends of highs and lows.

Wise Agent will store this data for you to all you and your team to see if each and every day you log in to your CRM. There’s no better motivator than to see your Sales numbers. Knowing how many transactions you’re juggling and the potential revenue of the fruits of your labor is a great way to motivate you and your team hustle to close that transaction.

Your Numbers say a lot about your business. Are you growing to a point of needing additional staff? Are you contracting where you need to decide if someone or something needs to be changed? Wise Agent’s Commission Tracker will help you see trends so you can make those decisions. Making informed decisions of adding or removing resources will help keep your business profitable.

To see how Wise Agent CRM and Commission Tracker can help you read our blog.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Professionals – Video Makes a Difference!

Written by Sarah Webb

Are you feeling hesitant about using video in your marketing? Well it’s time to start!  70% of marketing professionals report video converts better than any other medium and marketers who use video content get 66% more qualified leads per year.

So where should you start? Including a video text in your drip campaigns is a great place to begin! It can be as easy as recording a quick message thanking people for coming by an open house. Or you can introduce yourself and let people know a little about yourself and why they should choose you as their agent. These kinds of videos are a great personal touch to your marketing and can go a long way towards building trust with new leads.

We’ve recently introduced video texting as an option in your drip campaigns. It’s incredibly easy to insert videos that you’ve taken right from your phone to go out as texts or emails. You can also send out videos by using our BombBomb integration or send from your YouTube library.


Integration Spotlight – How Syncing with Google Can Help You on the Go

Written by Camilla Temu

Having total access of your Wise Agent contacts and calendar events is a must, especially for agents who are always on the go. Wise Agent’s integration with Google allows you to connect your Wise Agent calendar and contacts seamlessly with your phone.

With Google as the middleman, you no longer have to worry about missing any critical appointments and you don’t have to wait until you  get back to the office to add a new prospect you may have met while working the field. Now, you can do it all from your phone which will sync to Google and then to your Wise Agent account. Because this is a two-way sync you can also add the contacts or calendar events directly in Wise Agent which automatically syncs to your Google and then your phone.

Setting up this integration is no hassle at all and cost you absolutely nothing. In order to get started with the contacts sync it’s advisable to make sure your phone is syncing with Google and that you’ve completed the “find and merge duplicates” step in Google. Once you’ve completed this step you’ll be ready to complete the full integration process.

To get started, check out our blog for a complete tutorial.

Did You Know? – Search Tools That Help You Fill in the Gaps
Written by Amy Koveikis

At Wise Agent CRM, we recognize that your database IS your business, and keeping it clean and organized can be an uphill battle at times.  Did you know that Wise Agent has several advanced search options that can help you identify the missing pieces in your Contact List?
From the Search Groups drop-down, you can find contacts:

  • Without an Email Address, or Phone Number
  • Not assigned to a Category / Source
  • Not on your Call List, or on a Marketing Program

Reach out to those contacts to fill in the missing emails and phone numbers.  Assign them to a Source or Category that makes sense. Make sure you have a follow up plan in place for everyone in your sphere.
From the Additional Fields drop-down, you can:

  • Search by Subdivision
  • Search by Zip Code
  • Search by Company

Now you’re ready to assign contacts to smaller segments based on certain criteria.  You can do this in bulk by selecting all the contacts shown, then click Actions, then Add to Category.  This is very important when targeting your audience for your marketing efforts, helping you get the right message to the right people.

Think of it as a Spring Cleaning for your Contacts!