A comparative market analysis is one of the most important reports a real estate professional can use to provide valuable information to both sellers and buyers. Cloud CMA is the real estate industry’s leading CMA software that will help you stay in front of your current database and convert more leads into clients. Wise Agent CRM for real estate has just released an integration with Cloud CMA that is so powerful, it has become the first and only method available to send automated recurring CMA’s to your database. The reason CMA’s (comparative market analysis) are so valuable is because they offer current property information that buyers & sellers actually want to read, which results in very high open rates.

Save Time

The problem for Realtors has been the process of creating a good CMA that is branded & easy to read for every buyer, seller, lead or past client has been a time consuming process. While most agents would like to send everyone in their database a CMA report multiple times a year, the reality is they just don’t have time and end up using them mainly for listing appointments. Cloud CMA makes it easy for real estate agents to create beautifully designed CMA reports that are fully branded. Wise Agent CRM now makes it easy to automatically send recurring Cloud CMA reports to anyone in your database throughout the year keeping your clients informed about their market. Wise Agent gives you a choice of automatically sending CMA reports quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to anyone in your database. Set it up once and keep your clients informed of real estate property values in their current neighborhood or one they are interested in moving to. Keep your name in front of your database throughout the year and keep your clients up to date on real estate market values.

The Info Leads REALLY Want

Wise Agent took this integration a step further and added Cloud CMA to their award-winning lead management system also.  As your leads automatically flow into your CRM from any source that you get leads from, now you can immediately and automatically send the lead a CMA report.  Many lead generation forms capture leads by offering a neighborhood valuation. With this integration, if a physical address is captured, a fully branded CMA can be created and emailed to the prospect within seconds.

How Do I Use It?

If you have not activated the Cloud CMA integration in your Wise Agent account, follow these 3 steps now:
  1. Login to your Wise Agent account, click on the “Welcome” tab in the top right corner and click “Integration Menu”  Note the Cloud CMA option on the left.
  2. In another tab, login to your Cloud CMA account, click Settings in the top right, then Lead Generation.  Copy the API key provided.
  3. Back in Wise Agent, paste the API key into the appropriate field. Click “Activate” to the right.
Now you’re ready to send CMA reports to any existing contact.  It’s easy:
  1. In Wise Agent, click Contacts, then Contact List. Click on the name of a contact that needs this CMA (note: you must have an email address and street address for the contact)
  2. In the top right corner of the address section, click the Cloud CMA icon
  3. A report is generated automatically – just edit the message if you wish and hit Send!
Now for the part that will REALLY save you time.  Automate this process for any new leads coming into your CRM.
  1. In Wise Agent, click Contacts, then Leads.  Click the “add” button under the “Lead Rules” section at the top of the page
  2. Select the Lead Source on the “Basic” tab (note: you must be capturing an email address and street address from this lead source in order to generate a CMA)
  3. On the “Email Response” tab, there will be an option to “Include CloudCMA” – click there to change it to Yes
  4. Choose any other desired options, and make sure to Save when you’re finished.
Wise Agent’s integration with CloudCMA will help you save time and convert more leads to clients!  If you have any questions, reach out to our outstanding 24/7 support team anytime!