The telephone is still one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your business!
callListIcon The leaders in each marketplace know this, and have a solid system in place to ensure they make those critical calls to their clients, prospects, and leads. If you are one of the many that does not have such a system – we have your solution. Wise Agent understands how important making those calls are.  That’s why, when you login to your virtual office each day, the first thing you will see is the Call List at the top of the your screen. Within the call list, you will see the contacts name, the scheduled date of the call, and a phone icon. Make sure to set aside time each day to make your calls! When you’re ready to make the call, simply click that phone icon to the right of the person’s name.  This will bring you to their Contact Notes page, which is loaded with all the information you need in front of you. Before you dial the digits, review all of your past date-stamped notes for a quick refresher. If you are friends on Facebook, you will see the person’s most recent status update, which often makes for a good ice-breaker to start your conversation. Now make your call and remember while you are on the line to confirm your next scheduled call. As soon as you hang up is the opportune time to add in notes about the call and schedule that next call. Click “Add” and immediately your notes will be saved with a date and time stamp, and your future call will be added to the Call List. Return to the Master Call List and make your next call. Here’s a quick video tutorial on our Call List Feature:
Tom Hopkins has some great ideas on making your calls more successful in his article, “8 Tips for a Successful Sales Call”. The Call List works great with a real estate team, as well.  You can assign calls to yourself, or any member of the team, to remind the right person to follow up. Because Wise Agent is internet-based, you can login from anywhere and see exactly who you need to call.  And with the release of our new mobile web application, you can now add a reason for the call and set text or email alerts to remind you when to call! Wise Agent’s Call List is just one of the many features that help you grow your business and maintain a good reputation. Always call when you say you will, and you will build better relationships. Better relationships lead to more referrals, which lead to more business!