The best and brightest at Wise Agent have been hard at work on giving the Home page an overhaul!  This is the first page you see when you login to your CRM each day, so we’re giving it some extra functionality! We’re calling phase one of this roll-out the new Menu bar!  This will be on every page of your Wise Agent CRM for real estate.  You can easily access reports and search for a Contact! If you’ve been a member for a while, you’ll also notice the buttons in the top right have changed a bit.  The Welcome button has been replaced by just a gear icon – and all the same pages are located underneath. Click on your photo to change which team member’s assigned items you are viewing.  This replaces the “Current User Is” and “Switch” options from the original Home page.  Bonus – you can now do this from any page, too! Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks!  If you have questions, our support is always there for you, 24/7 – just hit the Contact Us button!