Wise Agent has a new partner – ZipLogix™

Wise Agent has partnered with zipForm® Plus and is proud to announce a collaborative CRM solution called zipCRM™ powered by Wise Agent. Phase one of this integration is live now! Current Wise Agent members can take advantage of this integration at no additional cost, provided they have an active zipForm® Plus account. The first phase includes a single-sign-on feature. That feature allows you to login from one system to the other without having to type different usernames or passwords, saving you time. Your contacts are already in your Wise Agent CRM and now when you need those contacts in zipForm® Plus, it is very easy to pull them in. Anytime you make an update to a contact from zipForm® Plus, the update will automatically push over to Wise Agent, eliminating any dual-entry work. You are also now able to start a zipForm® Plus transaction from within Wise Agent.

How to get started

If you already have a Wise Agent account, follow these steps to connect your Wise Agent account to your zipForm® Plus account:
  1. Login to zipForm® Plus account
  2. Click the orange zipCRM™ icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click the “login” button and use your Wise Agent credentials.
Now, that your accounts are linked, you are ready for the next step! From any contact summary page in Wise Agent, you will see a new button located in the top center of the page. This will allow you to start a zipForm® Plus transaction for the contact and will open a new tab for you to manage the transaction in zipForm® Plus. In order to add your zipForm® Plus contacts to Wise Agent, follow these steps from zipForm® Plus:
  1. Select a contact
  2. Click on the “Manage in zipCRM™” icon. This will allow you to:
  3. add the contact if it doesn’t exist in zipCRM™
  4. open the contact in zipCRM™
  5. update the contact in zipCRM™
This partnership will continue to grow and most importantly, there are already plans to add more features to the integration. If you have any requests or suggestions, now is the time to let us know!  As always, Wise Agent’s outstanding customer support is available to answer any questions you have about zipCRM™