Are you taking advantage of our Lead Management System? 

All of your Leads will be automatically added to your Wise Agent CRM database, from almost any source you are receiving them from.

Then, you can decide exactly how you want to handle your leads from each source, including different real estate follow up programs.  You can set up an immediate auto response or choose to leave it off if you already have one sent from the lead source provider.

The lead can be added to your call list and assigned to anyone on your team, and automatically added to as many categories as you need. You can set your system to launch a different drip campaign for each lead source and send notifications to everyone you want alerted about the new lead.

Easily set up lead distribution filters to distribute leads by zip code, price, round-robin, or a combination of the three to anyone on your inside or outside team.

Check out this helpful tutorial for details:

Finally, you can track your success using our Reporting Dashboard.

We’re constantly adding value to the system, based on your requests!  So let us know if there’s a Lead Source that we don’t yet support, or any other lead management tools and we’ll do our best to accommodate!  We strive to be the best CRM for real estate agents in 2018!