In today’s mobile, internet-reliant world, having the right technology on your side for your business is not just helpful: it’s necessary. For real estate agents and brokers, this means being connected 24/7 via the web to anyone wishing to inquire about a property. If you don’t have the right technology behind you, you’ll simply get beat by those who do. Our goal at Wise Agent is to provide our users with the best possible technological advantages in our industry. With that in mind, we’ve added landing pages to our CRM. Our tools are developed to help real estate agents and brokers automate their business and convert more leads, so they can spend more time enjoying the lifestyle they became an agent to enjoy in the first place. Wise Agent landing page creationCapture More Leads with Landing Pages Landing pages are an internet marketing concept that really works. In general, they’re a simple page with information about a specific product or service (in our case, a property) and a short form for interested parties to fill out. They focus the attention of the user on one thing, making it incredibly easy to convert those users into leads. In the real estate industry, landing pages are amazing tools for a variety of situations, including:
  • Open house quick sign-in forms
  • Single property page with a form to fill out for interested buyers
  • A page for sellers, with a quick contact form
  • A page for buyers looking for a new home
Let’s imagine you’re hosting an open house. Throughout the day, you have 14 prospective buyers come through to take a look. As a Wise Agent CRM user, you’ll have an easy landing page set up for those buyers to quickly sign in on. Not only is this really quick and easy for you, but every person that fills out the form is now in your CRM, without any further effort from you! Now that their information is in your CRM, you can easily put them into an automated email campaign so they’ll hear from you once in a while, or put them on your list for your newsletters. It’s that easy. You can do the same with every property you have available. Create and promote a landing page for each property, letting interested buyers fill out a quick form. Now you’ve got their contact information already in your CRM, ready to use. In fact, many real estate coaches are now saying that Realtors should have at least one landing page for each listing for a single property. Also known as single property websites. Your competition is working on this, so why aren’t you? We know most of your leads are surfing on their phones, so we’ve made our landing pages very mobile-friendly, too. They’ll work on any device, any time. How to Set Up Real Estate Landing Pages Not technologically savvy? That’s okay – our landing page builder is so simple, you’ll only have to use it once to understand how it works. Plus, Wise Agent offers 24/7 support, so you can always lean on our team. Check out this blog and video for easy step by step instructions to set up a landing page in Wise Agent. In addition to being easy to use, you’ll be able to track all the numbers on your pages. Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you’ll see exactly how many people visited your page, how much time they spent there, and how they found your page. Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that lets you track just about anything you’d like to know about your landing pages. For a quick introduction to it, check out this video. Wise Agent + Landing Pages: Powerful & Affordable Powerful tools can get expensive, but we work hard to make sure Wise Agent is affordable. Wise Agent is free to try for 14 days, then $29 per month after that. Have you seen another CRM that rivals that price? Probably not! Plus, that price includes one landing page. You can make as many as you want to keep on the backburner, and choose which one you want to have live and active at any time. If you need more landing pages, they’re just $5 per month each. If you have a large volume of listed homes and you need landing pages for all of them, you can have up to 100 landing pages for $100 per month. We’re crazy confident you’ll love our CRM, so please sign up for free trial today! We’d love to give you a quick demo too – just call 480-836-0345.