Wise Agent is excited to announce our newest partner integration – CurbCall! This real-time app allows you to connect with buyers that are ready and willing, instantly. The immediate notification means you can respond even faster, increasing your chances of closing that sale. Check out Camilla demonstrating how it works: How to activate:
  1. Login to your Wise Agent Account
  2. Click on the “Welcome” drop down to the top right corner of your account and then on the Integrations Menu tab
  3. On the right hand side click on the “Curb Call” option
  4. On the Curb Call section you can choose to create a new account or you can enter in the email associated with your Curb Call account and then click on the “Activate” button.
Creating Email Branding with the Curb Call “Call to Action” button:
  1. Click on the “Welcome” drop down to the top right and then select the “Edit Branding” tab.
  2. From the “Edit Branding” page you will want to click on the “new” button and create a branding by clicking on the green “Curb Call” button above your text box.
Download the App: In order for the integration to work, you must download the “Curb Call Connect” app from your mobile device app store. (compatible with both Apple and Android products). The app is how you will be notified of a viewing request when a potential buyer clicks on the call to action button within your email branding. Wise Agent is always adding new tools to help you work smarter – stay tuned! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome customer support team!