What do you get when you integrate the most powerful all-in-one CRM with one of the most popular real estate transaction management software?  A lot of happy Realtors! Wise Agent is very proud to announce an integrated partnership with dotloop! A lot of time and thought has gone into this seamless integration that streamlines real estate transactions and removes the need to enter duplicate information into multiple systems.  This saves our members time and reduces the risk of error. As soon as you activate this integration you will realize how much effort we put into making these two systems work together.

Integration Features and Benefits Include:

  • Create A New Loop from Wise Agent Contact Summary Page
  • Connect To Existing Loop from Wise Agent Contact Summary Page
  • Access dotloop Templates from Wise Agent Contact Summary Page
  • Start A New Loop or Access Existing Loops from Wise Agent Property Pages
  • Import dotloop Contacts to Wise Agent
We understand that our members rely on many different types of technology solutions to run their real estate business. Wise Agent thrives on creating deep, long-lasting partnerships with companies like dotloop to give our members the advantage.

Easily Connect your dotloop and Wise Agent accounts

  1. Once logged into your Wise Agent, go to the Integrations Menu from the Welcome drop-down
  2. Under the dotloop tab, click Connect to dotloop     
  3. Sign in or create an account and approve the terms

Start a Loop from Contact Summary Page

  1. Choose the contact that you wish to add to a loop
  2. From the Contact Summary, click on the Actions drop-down menu and go to Start dotloop
  3. Decide whether you wish to add this contact to an existing loop or if you want to create a new one altogether

Start a Loop from Property List

  1. Go to the Property List
  2. Click on the property that you want to link to a loop
  3. Find the dotloop Icon
  4. Decide whether you want to add the property to an existing loop or if you wish to create a new loop

Import dotloop Contacts into Wise Agent

  1. Click Contacts, then Import/Export
  2. Click the “dotloop” button under the Import Contacts section
If you have any questions about this partner integration or anything else in Wise Agent, reach out to us at “Contact Us”.

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