2018 was a big year for us here at Wise Agent CRM for real estate! We released many new features for our users and integrated with some excellent new partners. We decided the best way to celebrate our year was to do a wrap-up blog to look back at all the accomplishments that came with 2018!

Always Improving – Our Latest Updates

New Home Page We are happy to announce that our Home Page got a face lift! The looks weren’t the only improvement, we added functionality with our drag and drop sections so that you can choose the order in which features you see first at the top of your screen. New Menu Bar and Contact Search The end of the year brought about some of the most exciting changes yet! Our brand new menu bar was launched, as well as a contact search bar that is available on every page. Now you can search for a contact without first having to get to the Contact Summary page or Contact List. The new menu bar features the day’s date as well as all of your reports. Updated Marketing Program Our marketing program got some awesome new features as well! You can now have texting within their drip campaigns and select a time that the email or text will go out! The best part is that video texting is included in this feature now! Another exciting change is that we no longer have a limit to how many contacts you can import into your Wise Agent account at one time. Previously, the limit was 5000 contacts per CSV file, and now you are able to import them all at once! Podcast & Flash Briefing We also brought on our new podcast, The Agent Marketer Podcast and Alexa Flash Briefing, Agent Marketer Flash, which is hosted by our new CMO, Jason Frazier. Jason will be providing listeners with marketing tips, tricks, news, and commentary on these new channels. New Checklist Wizard Our team here at Wise Agent worked so hard this year on improving our system. The beginning of the year came with a new and exciting update — our new checklist template wizard! It includes all of the same features as before, yet, packages the process into a single interface for ease and simplicity. Now you can reorder any aspect of the template by simply dragging and dropping the item. Features are now toggled easily by clicking on the icons on the list view. The edit icon brings up all editable features into a pop up on the same page. For an easy overview of checklists we even made a matrix view that allows you to view multiple checklists on the same screen. New Landing Page Templates We added new Home Buyer and Property Open house templates so that setting up your real estate landing pages can be quick and easy. Landing pages are an internet marketing concept that really works. In general, they’re a simple page with information about a specific product or service (in our case, a property) and a short form for interested parties to fill out. They focus the attention of the user on one thing, making it incredibly easy to convert those users into leads. Using our Landing Page Wizard with the new templates allows users to create beautiful landing pages easily and quickly. Billing Reports for Tax Season This year we also updated a feature for tax season to allow you to print an invoice of your Wise Agent charges for the year. As a Realtor it is up to you to stay financially organized, but you are not alone. Wise Agent understands that there is nothing worse than clutter whether that be with tax document storage either on or offline and we have the solution with our easy-to-use real estate accounting tool. You can now create new entries for any and all of your expenses and income. There is even the option to choose which line-item category the entry would fall under. This way, you will always know what you spent, on what, and when you made that transaction. Wise Agent will also create a report of all the entries that were entered over a period of time to make filing your taxes as easy as can be.

Our Newest Integrated Partners

Benutech Another amazing integration that 2018 brought us was TitleToolBox by Benutech. Now you can easily generate amazing Property Profile Reports, ready for a listing presentation. You have all the details you need to verify property and tax information at your fingertips with one single click. TitleToolbox is also now available by voice recognition, too! Dotloop 2018 brought us powerful new integration partners, and one that we are most excited about is Dotloop! Dotloop is one of the most popular real estate transaction management softwares in the industry. Our integration with them allows for streamlined real estate transactions by allowing users to create and access existing loops within Wise Agent. The integration also reduces the need to input transaction information into multiple systems, reducing the risk of error and saving time. Existing loops can be accessed through the Contact Summary page in Wise Agent, or from the Property page associated with the loop. Equifax The challenge of lead prioritization in the real estate industry was an issue on the forefront in 2018. However, Equifax knew it had insights that could help, and chose Wise Agent as their CRM partner! Together, we released our new Financial Enhancement feature, Lead Accelerator™. Lead Accelerator™ gave agents what they had been long asking for — an immediate snapshot of the leads’ likely financial situation. It allows you to prioritize leads and segment existing contacts based on their likely financial data and capacity. Not only can you place leads in an accurate marketing campaign, you can also immediately have a good idea of what they can likely afford. zipForm® Plus This year we were also thrilled to partner with zipForm® Plus to announce a collaborative CRM solution called zipCRM™ powered by Wise Agent. The integration allows you to login from one system to the other without having to type different usernames or passwords, saving you time. Your contacts are already in your Wise Agent CRM and now when you need those contacts in zipForm® Plus, it is very easy to pull them in. Anytime you make an update to a contact from zipForm® Plus, the update will automatically push over to Wise Agent, eliminating any dual-entry work.You are also now able to start a zipForm® Plus transaction from within Wise Agent.

And That’s A Wrap!

You can expect a lot more exciting features from Wise Agent in 2019! We’ve already got some plans so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic updates.