Wise Agent email Opt-in.
We have great news to share with all Wise Agent users! After making some changes to our email sending feature, we are now able to increase the daily email sending limit for all Wise Agent accounts to 2500 emails per day!
We’ve been working hard to make sure your email reputation is maintained, and by automating the process of opting your contacts into emails you’ll be sending your message to the exact people that need to hear it!
Outgoing bulk emails will now include a message with a link for your recipients to opt in to receiving emails from you.

This message is set to a generic message in every account, but can be edited to any message that you would like your readers to see.
To edit your message, simply click on Settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says Email Opt-In Confirmation. From here you can edit the message and preview what it will look like to your recipients. Any contact that is receiving emails from you will only have to opt in with the link one time.

Additionally, certain behaviors will automatically opt in your readers without them having to click the link.

These behaviors include:
  • Opening 3 or more emails you have sent
  • Replying to any of your emails
  • A history of email communication
As always, you will be able to send single emails to contacts at any time through their Contact Summary pages, and up to three emails from Marketing Drips or the Email Contacts Page will need to be opened for confirmation purposes. At any time you are able to see the opt-in status of your contacts through the Contact Summary page of each contact, as well as search by status in the Advanced Filters on the Contact List.

Finally, the video below will take you through editing your opt in message and how to see the opt in status of your contacts.

If you have any questions or would like any help setting up your Opt-In Link message, please give us a call at 480-836-0345 or send an email to help@wiseagent.com.